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UPTURN company is considered one of the leading companies in the contracting and real estate development sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where the company started with the new millennium in 2001 as a huge contracting company that owns many projects in the different governorates of Egypt in the West and Greater Cairo. UPTURN has worked since the first day on adopting a sophisticated and comprehensive concept in the field of Construction and building, where UPTURN is launched based on a long experience of more than twenty years in the field of construction and building, adopting the spirit of innovation and renewal, and is constantly looking for the added value that it can offer to customers to represent them a real breakthrough and a real shift in the concept of upscale and ideal housing, while offering competitive prices So that its projects represent a unique opportunity for those looking for housing and investment.

Over the course of 20 years of achieving remarkable successes in the field of contracting and real estate development in various promising areas in Egypt, UPTURN aspires to develop and build new urban communities characterized by luxury and sophistication in the most prestigious modern cities, and UPTURN intends to expand its activities and the volume of its business to enter the classification of companies that own the private residential communities (the compound ) In the most prestigious modern cities in New Cairo, the Fifth Settlement and the New Administrative Capital, and the company also has a variety of its projects, so UPTURN works in the residential, administrative and commercial sectors, as the company owns the largest commercial projects in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in the Commercial District 2.

UPTURN also always works to provide its projects with an added value to customers to be distinguished from the rest of the surrounding projects, so UPTURN projects always occupy the best locations ever and are distinguished by unique designs that give the spirit of luxury and heritage to the projects.

UPTURN Real Estate Development is working hard to enrich the Egyptian real estate market by providing sophisticated urban models in which all means of luxury and safety are available, with the best architectural facades, the smallest construction details and the finest finishes, in order to meet the customers’ desires to obtain the ideal housing, making use of our investment experiences, at the same time, To achieve the highest levels of safety and profitability for all customers through an integrated set of investment solutions based on accurate feasibility studies and well-studied scientific standards, achieving the highest value-added standards.
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UPTURN Real Estate Development Company aspires to be a unique model in the world of construction, construction and real estate development, exceeding all expectations of its customers by providing residential units of the highest level of sophistication and quality, where costs are never an obstacle to dream housing, and UPTURN also contributes to building new and upscale urban communities And to be an effective institution in society, and a professional work environment, that elevates its human cadres, and provides the finest services to its customers, so that it becomes one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt and the Arab world.

UPTURN Real Estate Development seeks to build complete urban communities – compounds – according to the latest and finest modern systems and under the supervision of major international design houses to provide their customers with luxury, and UPTURN also works to build its human cadres before construction projects, as UPTURN believes that the human element is the standard and the value of real success, and that Its human cadres is the professional system that will achieve the highest standards of success for the company’s projects.

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