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Centric Project

UPTURN is one of the pioneers of real estate companies since 2004 and thanks to its multiple projects in East Cairo, the company has become one of the best real estate investment companies in New Cairo offering more than 34 projects, whether commercial, residential or administrative.

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Center is an administrative commercial mall, it is a mall composed of offices and companies with large and varied areas specifically designed for owners of companies and offices located in the heart of the services area and is a mall surrounded by a number of companies that work in a variety of sectors, including legal, financial, service, industrial and technological, which makes the mall located in the most important New Cairo neighborhoods The project is also located in close proximity to retail stores, banking services and famous food outlets, which guarantees a high viewership rate among passers-by and the continuous flow resulting from traffic in the area.


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The mall is not only considered an administrative building, it is also a mall with the ideal interface for aspiring business owners with innovative ideas, where the mall raises the intelligent design of work efficiency by incorporating work and modern lifestyle.

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  • Centric Mall owns duplex administrative offices
  • Bmtz Mall will leave serve as administrative offices and corporate headquarters
  • It features huge windows and high ceilings
  • The mall contains the best glass directions, which makes it the best choice for your business. Its height is 5.60 meters
  • The mall has one private entrance
  • The headquarters space starts from 200 meters
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Mall project features will be left

  • A great example of modern architecture CENTRIC considered –
  • The building entrance is designed with precision to provide ease of movement for customers and employees.
  • Thanks to its lighting that permeates the entire building
  • The wide area of floors that are not bordered by columns.
  • A pleasant, productive and relaxing work environment thanks to the views of the building
  • The building also has a dedicated car park to accommodate up to 250 vehicles simultaneously and in an organized manner.

Centric Mall area features

    • It is about 150 meters from the northern ninety
    • It is about 300 meters from the southern ninety
    • It is about 22 km from Cairo International Airport
    • It is 12 km from Cairo-Suez Road
    • The building is located in a vital location in the heart of New Cairo
    • Mall surrounded by major service areas in New Cairo and Fifth Avenue
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Centric Mall project services

CENTRIC revolves around the concept of “efficiency” to meet the needs and demands of high-level companies and businesses because through every section you cross you will enjoy innovative facilities and contemporary art designs that improve your space to allow creativity platforms with attention to the picturesque and inspiring views that have been carefully designed to add value to each office space All the time. We considered every detail at CENTRIC to ensure the best quality and return on investment for the tenants, and within these services
– Central air-conditioning
– Shared bathrooms
Facility Management Services
Equipped meeting rooms
– Convention Center
– 4 elevators
An integrated security system that includes an entrance card
Visitor Management System
– Valet parking service

Centric Mall provides the conference center and meeting room for you and your team
Meeting in a hall equipped with the latest communication technology and the best amenities
– It improves the company’s image in front of its customers and helps the company achieve its goals.

Centric provides Flexi Finishing- a solution that is a modern and innovative solution for your fully finished space, allowing easy transportation and finalization. Flexi Finishing reduces costs and effort and removes all obstacles that result from the finishing process.
Flexi Finishing has many advantages including:
– Fast and easy transportation
Lower costs
– Easy finishing
The perfect place for your business

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